Advertisment Role on our Life

Advertisement Role on our Life


Advertisement Role on our Life , Advertising means to showcase the qualities, usage and features of the products to the customers so that they can clearly visualize it before buying. Also, advertisement plays an important role in today’s competitive environment where there are a lot  of substitutes are available which generally makes it difficult to choose among them by the customers.

Advertisement encourages us to buy things

I quite agree with some who said the advertisement encourages us to buy things whether we have its need or not. Let me explain this with an example of my own. I  hardly do the shopping due to my busy schedule.  As I am IT Professional  I have to spend most of the time on the computer, and in today’s  scenario, I saw the digital advertisement everywhere. For example, if  I searched for shoes just because I like it but don’t want to purchase them. Here the work of advertisement get started, They show me the advertisement related to that shoes with some lucrative deals like discount and all. This how they encourage me to buy that shoe in a short span of time irrespective of the fact that I don’t need it. Advertisement Role on our Life

Advertisement tell us about new products

Above I mentioned advertisement encourage us to buy things, but another aspect which says advertisement tell us about new products which may improve our lives are equally important. As any new product in the market needs to reach to all customers,it Requires a medium to do so. Advertisement is a short and easy medium to reach to the people . Also the growth or sale of that product depends upon its reach to the general public in a well confined time. Time is equally important if you missed the chance or are late in reaching the exact audience you will lost the deal as many other similar products are waiting  to come in the market.

My Believe Point

I believe in this competitive environment advertisement is very important for all business to sustain in the market. Any new product get immediate attention if its advertisement is pitched in the right time and  place.  Also  we can’t  rely only on the sole quality and feature of  our products  the advertisement will play like an oil in the engine which drives the car more smoothly and conveniently.


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