All About IoT Research Topics & its Future

All About IoT Research Topics & its Future

All About IoT Research Topics & its Future
All About IoT Research Topics & its Future

All About IoT Research Topics & its Future .There’s a lot of noise at the moment about the Internet of Things (or IoT) and its impact on everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way manufacturers keep track of inventory. But what is the Internet of Things? How does it work? And is it really that important?All About IoT Research Topics & its Future.

What is IoT?

All About IoT Research Topics & its Future

In a nutshell, the Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device (so long as it has an on/off switch) to the Internet and to other connected devices. The IoT is a giant network of connected things and people – all of which collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them.

That includes an extraordinary number of objects of all shapes and sizes – from smart microwaves, which automatically cook your food for the right length of time, to self-driving cars, whose complex sensors detect objects in their path, to wearable fitness devices that measure your heart rate and the number of steps you’ve taken that day, then use that information to suggest exercise plans tailored to you. There are even connected footballs that can track how far and fast they are thrown and record those statistics via an app for future training purposes.

What are the best IoT projects?

All About IoT Research Topics & its Future

  1. IoT Based Weather Reporting System

A smart weather monitoring and reporting system here. To update the report manually is time-consuming. Here the necessity of automated reporting update solution arises. IoT based weather reporting system brings a solution where this system uses temperature, humidity rain sensors to monitor weather and report weather statistics online.

  1. Touch-Based Home Automation System

The Internet of things concept works with almost every machine. But when this is all about our home appliances, IoT proposes a smart, automated system. Using IoT based automation system users can control home stuff anywhere from the world.

  1. Facial Recognition Door with Raspberry PI

This is an intelligent internet of things example. Science fiction becoming true nowadays with the hand of IoT project ideas. A smart door secures the gateway and ensures the right person entering your home. Microsoft already made face API through their research.

  1. Liquid Level Monitoring System

Liquid level monitoring system designed in a way that users can remotely check the level of the liquid. It has vast applications in the industrial sector where the user needs to monitor the level of liquid, whether it is below the mark of overflowing.

  1. Smart Garage Door

These days you can use your smartphone or tablet computer to open your garage replacing that clicker. Not only monitoring with a smartphone is the feature of a smart garage door using laser and voice command is an addition. Smart notification in run time gives an alert when it close or opened that is very much helpful for busy families.

  1. IoT Based Alarm Clock

Important Features

  • Users can set the alarm via smartphone.
  • Voice command feature can help the user even to start a video chat.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment according to day or night.
  • Audio amplifier volume control by voice command.
  • Apache 2 server can be used for this internet of things example.
  1. IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

Newly discovered IoT devices can monitor air pollution and save data to the web servers.

  1. Night Patrolling Robot

Security is a common concern for all. As most of the crime occurs at night, so the IoT project comes up with a solution that is a patrolling robot that uses a night vision camera. This robot patrol over a predefined path and detects alarming sound.

Future of IoT

All About IoT Research Topics & its Future

The future of IoT is billions of cheap, small, low-powered devices that provide real-time insights into every asset, process and system that’s important to a given organization. It’s invisible, ubiquitous and primarily driven by notifications.

In the future, IoT will become invisible. The true value of IoT resides in the insights and automation that are enabled when you have automatic access to real-time data on everything that’s important to your business. It will become odd to not have real-time insight into every aspect of your organization. Data and insights will flow in the background, ever-present and yet unseen, until there’s a need for human input.

Checking anything manually for its status will become uncommon. Why be forced to remember to check when you can simply be alerted as-needed? IoT will be primarily driven by notifications, alerting the right people to the right thing at the right time. These notifications will include useful insights (e.g. “Inventory has grown by X percent over the last 30 days, and capacity may need to be increased”), business actions that need to be taken (e.g. “Vehicle Y needs to have its car battery replaced”) and actions necessary to manage the system itself (e.g. “Device Z has stopped reporting and should be investigated”).

The stage is set for an explosion of Enterprise IoT in the coming 5 years, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be part of it. Technology is fundamentally neutral. It has tendencies, but, ultimately, it’s up to all of us how technology is applied. I’m optimistic that we can use IoT to build a future that amplifies human potential, freeing us from the mundane to focus on the creative and exciting. Yet all of this is conditional on the choices we make today. As we cut costs and eliminate mundane jobs, it’s critical that we concurrently invest in the education, training and support systems to help those most affected.

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