How these interchangeable Terms are Different

by Dr. Pawan Whig

How these interchangeable Terms are Different

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How these interchangeable Terms are Different Like AI, ML and DL  Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Machine Learning(ML) & Deep Learning (DL)

 How these interchangeable Terms are Different?

Several times we mixed AI, ML, and DL with each other. One should know how these terms are different from each other. Obviously, these terms are not quite referring to the same…

I am working in the same field for many years and will try to provide my views on these terms.

Actually, you can clearly visualize from the figure DL is a subset of ML and also a subset of AI. Hence AI is a Super Set of all three.

Just go into the depth we can understand which is better and why AI is a technique that enables machines to think like human behavior(Detail already covered in other articles).

Machine learning is a sub-part of AI which uses statistical tools and enables the machine to improve with going on experience.

Deep learning uses neural networks just similar to human beings to simulate human brain-like behavior. When data is huge and one has to deal with a large number of parameters together, ML stop play its role accurately and hence there is an opportunity for DL to come in.

I think this will clear the border image of AI, ML and DL.

One has still confusion among ML and DL

Let’s read this simple example this may solve your problem

Facial recognition is an example where we use machine learning to differentiate between humans and animals and deep learning is used to find out other parameters like the name or nature of the person.

Hope you enjoy reading.


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