Artificial Intelligence and its Connection with IoT

Artificial Intelligence and

its Connection with IoT


Dr. Pawan Whig


IEEE Senior Member, Research Consultant Machine Learning Google Certified in Digital Marketing Dean Research at VIPS-T Research Area(VLSI Design, AI, ML)
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Abbreviation of IoT is Now a days common and known to all as “Internet of Thing”. IoT has a very good future in India by 2020 we have lot of jobs in the same field.
This is an opportunity in the Indian Market and the same is misused by Many …
In terms of Teaching ,Learning and Training for the name sake some private startups teach how to lit the LED using ardunio and connecting some sensors using Bluetooth, WiFi etc and by doing this , they are not only wasting the time of young generation but also increased resistance in the growth of the country.
To understand IoT one should have to learn the concept of IoT broadly including What are the problems that industry facing due to which it is not completely feasible yet.
Earlier we have a problem related to limited IP addresses which is now overcome as IPv6 comes into existences. The only hurdle left is sensor technology, which is very costly and not much accurate.
According to me one should have to look into some another dimensions for the complete feasibility of IoT. One of the possible way is, What I called Super AI a combination of AI and ML.
Reason Why it so because earlier we have limited data sets due to which machines are not much accurate to predict. With the advancement in the Super AI which probably replace Sensor technology in upcoming years.
The era of Super AI in which the new transformation occur in the digital technologies and where complete IoT is possible using Super AI.
I already started working on this and will soon update my findings.
Dr. Pawan Whig
Dean Research, VIPS