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Free consultation for Phd/ higher studies

Free Consultation for Phd/ higher studies

Do you face the problem like  below

Free Consultation for Phd/ higher studies


When I started I was really enthusiastic about it despite it being linked to a topic i didn’t have much experience in, but I was keen to learn and broaden my knowledge. The first few months were challenging but ok in learning how to operate certain instruments, what reading I should be doing and beginning to understand the topic and I was getting praise for what I was doing. By the christmas I was beginning to doubt whether this was indeed for me as I wasn’t enjoying the routine, I was ending up spending many hours reading papers and textbooks at home as well as the time spent at university but I wasnt really getting better at my understanding of the topic and was just generally unhappy. I aired these concerns with my supervisor and we put it down to a momentary lull/maybe i needed a break and if I rested over christmas and then continued putting the effort in I’ll improve and so will the situation. However things have just got worse, my understanding isn’t that much better then it was before christmas despite my best efforts. As I get more into my project the more hindering this is being and the more criticism I’m getting from my supervisor. I find myself spending more time at university now and then returning home and continuing to work and read to try and improve myself thus having little/no social life. The last month in particular has been especially miserable where criticism at my lack of understanding and standard of my work by my supervisor led me to run to cry in the loos one day. Some say I should quit as I’m miserable, but others and my family say I shouldn’t and theyd be really dissapointed if I did. Both choices seem awful and I feel trapped unable to choose either one.

Learning With The Research World
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Hi all,

My dream job is a career in academia, I want to be a lecturer in Law at a University, however, I currently don’t hold a PhD and don’t know how to go about doing this.

I am currently studying for my LLM (averaging B+ grades so looking to graduate with a merit) and have just secured a maternity cover role as a law lecturer in a sixth form college.

I do not have the means to self-fund a PhD full time, if I did this I would have to work full time and study part time, is this plausible? I also do not know any of the extra costs associated with studying for a PhD in a law related subject, will I just have to pay the fees to the University or will there be other disbursements that will be costly?

I also want to know how likely it would be that I would be able to secure a lecturer role in a University whilst studying?

Funded PhD’s are also an option (should I be lucky enough to get one) but I cannot see myself being able to keep up my current lifestyle on 14k/year. Is it common for funded students to pick up lecturing work at the University they study at? And at that, enough to keep them financially stable?

Sorry for the long post, but for all my googling I cannot seem to find any answers!

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