Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial  intelligence
Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence When you hear the words “office politics,” what comes to mind? Is it all about “sucking up” to the proper people, “backstabbing,” and spreading damaging rumors? If that’s the case, you’ll want to go as far away from it as possible!

However, whether you like it or not, office politics are an unavoidable part of working in every company. It is also feasible to promote yourself and your cause without jeopardizing your own or your organization’s beliefs.

Using “good” politics allows you to advance your and your team’s interests in a fair and suitable manner. Also, being aware of “bad” politics around you might assist you to avoid suffering unnecessarily while others profit.

People carry their personal emotions, wants, goals, and insecurities into their working life, therefore all workplaces are political to some level.

We all want to be successful, but we don’t always agree on what that entails or how we should go about achieving it. When personality and ideological conflicts become difficult to handle, office politics emerge.

And we care a lot about the decisions we make, or the decisions others make about us, so we try to influence their decisions. We can be forthright or deceptive in our approach.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming almost every element of how we live our activities, and our professional lives are no exception. Even those of us who don’t work for technology firms (though as every company strives to become a tech company, that will become a smaller percentage of the population) will soon notice Intelligence machines in our daily lives. AI technology will increasingly play a part in how we are recruited and onboarded, as well as how we go about on-the-job training, personal growth, and eventually passing on our talents and experience to others who follow in our footsteps.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most recent AI breakthroughs produced by enterprises on the bleeding edge of the revolution, which are likely to be increasingly embraced by others looking to profit from the arrival of smart machines.Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

Onboarding and recruitment

Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial  intelligence
Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

It may soon be a truth that AI-enabled computers have played a role in assuring we’re the right person for the job before we ever walk into a new office.


At huge firms that make thousands of hires each year and often garner millions of applicants, AI pre-screening of candidates before inviting the most qualified in for interviews is becoming more frequent.Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

On-the-job education

 Of course, learning doesn’t stop after you’ve settled into your new position, and AI will likely play a role in most employees’ ongoing training in the future.

It will also aid with the transfer of skills from one generation to the next – if employees move on to other firms or retire, it will help to ensure that they can both leave behind and take with them the valuable experience they’ve gained.

Workforce supplementation

One of the reasons why some people are concerned about AI in the workplace is because it is frequently perceived as a tool that will replace humans and result in job losses.

However, when it comes to AI integration today, the watchword is “augmentation,” which refers to the idea that AI computers would assist us in performing our duties more efficiently rather than replace us. One key concept is that they will take over the boring portions of our jobs, freeing us to focus on what we do best as humans: creative and human-to-human connection.Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

In the job, there is a lot of surveillance

Of course, there’s a negative side to AI’s intrusion into the workplace that’s certain to make some people uneasy.

According to a Gartner report, more than half of organisations with a revenue of more than $750 million utilise digital data collection technologies to track employee actions and performance. This involves looking at the content of emails to see how satisfied and engaged employees are. Some organisations have been accused of utilizing monitoring devices to measure the frequency of toilet breaks, as well as audio analytics to assess stress levels in voices while employees converse in the workplace.Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence

Robots in the Workplace

Physical robots that can move on their own are becoming more frequent in manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and are expected to become a part of many more jobs in the near future.

Experts in mobility Segway have developed a delivery robot that can navigate office hallways and carry items directly to employees’ desks. Meanwhile, security robots like those being created by Gamma 2 might become commonplace in the near future, ensuring that commercial buildings remain protected from trespassers.Handling Work Place Politics With Artificial intelligence


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