How to Choose the best PhD degree?

How to Choose  the best PhD degree?
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If you already have a master’s degree then How to Choose the best PhD degree and want to enhance your study, or if you want to call yourself a “Doctor,” you can seek a “Doctorate” Degree or # Ph.D.How to Choose the best Ph.D. degree. Those with a Ph.D. degree are given the title “Doctor.” But do you understand what a Ph.D./Doctorate Degree entails? In India and across the world, a doctorate is regarded as a prestigious advanced research certification. # Ph.D. is an abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy, which comes from the Latin phrase Philosophiae Doctorate. How to Choose the best PhD degree?

With the advancement of the educational system, many # Ph.D. degrees are now available in India. Doctorate degrees include regular #PhDs, integrated #PhDs, direct PhDs, and part-time #PhDs. How to Choose the best PhD degree

Regular Vs  Integrated PhD

Choosing the best # Ph.D. degree is always be a difficult task for you. So to help you, we have provided the factors based on which you can opt the best from Regular # Ph.D. and Integrated # Ph.D.

Factor Regular PhD Integrated PhD
Minimum Qualification Master’s Graduation
Course Duration 3 Years 5 Years
Most Preferred Entrance Exam CSIR NET IIT JAM
Popularity Most Preferred as compare to Integrated PhD Popularity is Low
Subject In any subject you want Common Subject in MSc and PhD
Other Benefits More time-consuming as you need to take the entrance exam twice (Master’s + Ph.D.) Less time-consuming as you need to write the entrance exam once. (After Graduation)

What is Regular Ph.D.? 

This is one of the most popular options among all Ph.D. programs. If you pursue a normal Ph.D., you may be eligible for assistantships or fellowships from several institutes such as the UGC/CSIR or other recognized organizations. How to Choose the best PhD degree

Eligibility Criteria for Regular PhD

If you want to apply for the Ph.D. program, you must have a master’s degree. Different universities have different % requirements for Master’s selection. How to Choose the best PhD degree

What is Integrated Ph.D.?

This is a research program primarily for the fields of #Science, #Engineering, and Technology. The Integrated Ph.D. is a 5-year dual degree program consisting of a master’s degree and a # Ph.D. In general, you must study the master’s course for the first two years (MSc or M.Tech). Following that, you must devote the following three years to research and the main Ph.D. Course. How to Choose the best PhD degree

Eligibility Criteria for Integrated PhD

You must have a three-year bachelor’s degree in your core topic to be eligible for this course. For example, if an applicant is applying for the Integrated Ph.D., he or she should have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. The applicant should also be proficient in Math at the 10+2 level.

We have created a list of the Top PhD Entrance Exams in India in this area. To make you aware of the many examinations for which you might apply to obtain a doctorate. How to Choose the best PhD degree

Regular Ph.D. Entrance Exams

S.No Name of the Entrance Exam
1. CSIR NET Exam
3. UGC-NET for JRF
4. DBT JRF Biotech Entrance Test
5. ICMR Junior Research Fellowship
7. JNU Ph.D. Entrance Exam
9. NIPER Ph.D. Entrance Exam
10. The University of Hyderabad Ph.D. Entrance Exam
11. GTU Ph.D. Entrance Exam
12. BITS Ph.D. Entrance Examination
13. AIIMS Ph.D. Entrance Exam
14. NBRC Ph.D. Entrance Exam
15. IISC Ph.D. Entrance Exam
16. NDRI Ph.D. Entrance Exam
17. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Lucknow – Ph.D. Admissions Test
18. BARC Ph.D. Admission Test
19. ISM Dhanbad Ph.D. Admission Test
20. Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly Ph.D. Admission Test
21. BINC Bioinformatics National Certification (BINC Examination)
22. NCBS

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