Is it Good to Do Phd from India?

Some experts believe that it is better to pursue PhD from abroad not in India. There are several possible reasons behind this belief. In this post I will include some important points in the favor of this topic.


The first and foremost reason why people think it is not wise to do PhD in India is the culture and the resources. In India, there are many research scholars or experts are available who have the potential to crack very complex problems. In fact, many of them are so capable and it is a  fault of universities and political  Rules and regulations that they are barred from the research environment.

Another reason is the planning of resources. Many universities in India have good infrastructure and they spend crores of Rupees to build centers of excellence. But, It is a sorry figure for all of us that capable people is barred from it.  Many times when the students or researchers are trying to access the resources but they are not able to do that due to administrative problems.

Now the Main Reason for not to do PhD in India is Job opportunities.  People will get a stipend of about 30k  for doing  PhD in turn of which they have to serve the university as a  teaching assistant which leads to further exploitation of him/her.

Conclusion :

If you have a Passion of doing research, It is better to do PhD from wherever you got a Chance. After all it is your work that represents you not your degree.

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