Is it Worth doing PhD Now a days?

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No.Unless you want to get sucked the whole rest or life ..!!

Research needs dedicated time from the day you start your PhD work till the day you retire .You would get under payed,depressed,anxiety and also cannot give a quality time to your family….!!Even thing becomes disinterested day by day,start losing your social life.Life becomes hell in writing papers,worrying for getting papers accepted,updating all the research in your field,guiding your juniors then their students and the whole cycle continues and you realise you had never lived ur life. Whereas ur friends in job had at least happy weekends,good family and social life.I request u to prefer a job rather than a PhD unless you are damn interested and dedicated for the subject.



It seems like ‘worth’ is based on the ability to produce ‘useful’ research during the PhD based on the question details. This is a pretty nice way to define ‘worth,’ given that most people take an economic perspective (which is way to narrow a definition).

So, if your concern is the usefulness of your work, I think this is easy to get comfortable with. The whole notion of doing research is exploration, discovery and invention (approximately). So, given the high goals, there is of course a great amount of risk built in. This means that there will be a large number of ‘useless’ results, both at the lab level (pre-publication) and in journals as well. The reality is, that this is the nature of the game.

You will do a lot of ‘useless’ things, and finally one night at 11 pm, you will get a useful result, you will shout for joy to an empty room, and then start the publication process! The joy the first this happens is amazing. Later you will ‘smooth’ your emotions, so enjoy that first time :).

What are the various questions asked in Ph.D. ?
What are the various questions asked in Ph.D. ?

Anyway, this is exactly the same for any other high-risk high-reward job. VC/startups is my favorite comparison. Series A-funded companies have something close to a 90% failure rate! Entrepreneurs fail at both the day-to-day and company scale all the time. Yet those who do it, will never wonder if it is worth it. Which it totally is, btw.

Also, as an aside, remember, what you consider ‘useless’ today may be extremely useful tomorrow. That’s the nature of discovery-driven work.

All that said, if your risk appetite is not very large, research probably isn’t for you. There is a lot of risk in research, which is precisely why tenure exists – to give stability to tolerate the risk associated with research.


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