Metaverse: What is real?

Metaverse: What is real?

Metaverse: What is real?

From reading newspapers to our primary source of education, we have been proceeding with more and more technological ways of living. Using newer and newer forms of technology is becoming more prevalent nowadays.

Have you ever wondered if all your fantasies could become a reality?

Will it be possible to attain this level of intelligence where we can create our own universe and make it work at our own pace? What if, it actually could be. Here comes the term: ‘Metaverse, a living shared everlasting virtual universe which will let us do anything virtually.


Metaverse: What is real?
Metaverse: What is real?

This whole concept of metaverse revolves around the concept of “Virtual reality”. Have you ever thought of doing something that seems practically impossible? Like going to a concert or walking under the cherry blossoms of Japan at the comfort of your home. Metaverse just got it real, all those fictitious daydreams just got real! And with such intelligent technology, you are going to feel incredible realism. Isn’t it like a dream to live in a perfect world with our own avatar? We can be taller, shorter, prettier, or anything we want.

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We have been evolving so much with each passing day in such a way that looking in a book for something is considered cumbersome and old-fashioned. Googling it is the new normal. Now, what if we could google just by thinking about something. Feels unbelievable, right?

New technological advancements like electromyographic or EMG input devices are being tested which can sense signals in the nerves and enable us to do something just by thinking about it. Sounds cool, right?

Metaverse: What is real?
Metaverse: What is real?

Realty of Metaverse

Physical transportation will become pointless. You just need to think about a place and there you go. Who needs a car when we can teleport from one location to another and have real-life experiences from the comfort of our own homes? However, this is not as simple or feasible as it appears. It would be one of humanity’s greatest achievements if it were to become a reality. But what if everything is turned on its head?

As I said earlier, “Who needs a car when we could just teleport from one place to another and have real-life experiences by sitting at home?” This will lead to huge losses in transportation companies. Like today, we are addicted to the internet and social media. As the metaverse will arrive, we’ll definitely surrender ourselves there and ultimately, lose our touch to the real world. Our virtual world will start to matter more to us than our real world.


Let’s just say I want to play outside. Instead of going out, I put on my VR device because if I am having the privilege to do it in an easier way, why wouldn’t I?


Although this virtual world will make our imagination game stronger but will degrade our physical body.

And concerning employment? If we can design the environment of our dreams just by imagining it, will it matter if engineers, workers exist or not? We will only need sharp people with good ideas, imagination skills, and people who can implement their thoughts and ideas in virtual reality.

In 50 years with this technology, the internet will be nearly as important as oxygen. It may be impossible to unplug. This is what it means when we talk about robots and technology taking over men’s lives and jobs.





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