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Need of Publishing Research Papers

Need of Publishing Research Papers 



Need of Publishing Research Papers  It feels good to be acknowledged for a piece of work that has been done by you. Apart from the fact that a publication creates a niche for you in the online research world, it also guarantees you to have your experience, exposure, expertise, and views recognized. With the growing competition in the field of AI, ML, IoT, it is vital to begin to prove your skills, abilities and domain knowledge as early as possible. A higher education degree in AI, ML and IoT is not actually worth it unless you have acquired hands-on experience in your field of interest. This is one of the reasons that institutes and universities have devoted an entire semester to a project or an internship.

While you enroll for your UG or PG project, try applying under reputable laboratories or institutes. This will guarantee you a good work environment and a lot of facilities to conduct your project on a large scale. Such projects, under a suitable supervisor, will often be converted into a research publication. These publications add weightage to your profile as well as your University degree. Need of Publishing Research Papers

Problems in Publishing  in Scopus /SCI Journal

Eagerly looking to have your research paper published in one of the most well-recognized and renowned Scopus indexed journals 2020, but are not aware of how to go about doing so? This article is meant just for people like you, in that it offers a step by step process of how you can search, identify, and go about approaching the best Scopus indexed journal or publication in your respective discipline to have your research paper published in.

However if you’re someone who is not even aware of what Scopus indexed publications and journals are then you might first want to start of by getting to know what a Scopus indexed journal is and why getting your research paper published in this journal is the best way for you to gain prominence in your field as a recognized researcher and scientific experimenter who undertakes groundbreaking and pioneering research studies and exploratory pursuits that yield phenomenal results and outcomes. Need of Publishing Research Papers

Scopus is one of the biggest citation databases for peer-reviewed publications, papers, and colloquiums that exists in the globe today. Any body who is of repute within the academic community seeks to have their research work published in Scopus indexed journals and publications because they are trusted and read by millions academics, researchers, scholars and other professionals across the world. One the most well-known and prominent journals get to be indexed in Scopus.

How To Write Research?
How To Write Research?

One can rest assured that any journal or publication that is a Scopus indexed journal or publication, is of the highest quality. This is because Scopus has strict policies and criteria as far as allowing journals to be indexed. Any journal or publication that is selected by Scopus to be listed as part of its master list is carefully vetted for its authenticity, validity, quality of content, range of research, up-to-dateness of the information published and many more criteria. Once a journal or publication is listed within the master list of Scopus it becomes recognized as a Scopus indexed journal.

Possible ways of publication

The first step in publishing a research paper should always be selecting the journal you want to publish in. Choosing your target journal before you start writing means you can tailor your work to build on research that’s already been published in that journal. This can help editors to see how a paper adds to the ‘conversation’ in their journal. Need of Publishing Research Papers

In addition, many journals only accept specific manuscript formats of articles. So by choosing a journal before you start, you can write your article to their specifications and audience, and ultimately improve your chances of acceptance.

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