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What are the hot topics for Research in Machine Learning ?

It depends on your field of interest. Machine Learning is a vast area that includes supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. There are lot of works recently focused on reinforcement learning to make computers learn by designing reward functions and policy gradients, you have probably heard of AlphaGo from Google DeepMind, Dota2 Player from OpenAI, and so forth.

Learning With The Research World


There are a lot of research papers published regarding reinforcement learning in ICML, NeurIPS, and ICLR. There are interesting as well as fascinating to read. The other works are on supervised learning and it has a vast literature now its upto you what kind of work interests you.


For instance, for object detection you can find, Mask-RCNN, Faster R-CNN, Fast R-CNN, YOLO and so forth. For object recognition, the state-of-the-art networks are based on deep architectures, Sqeeze and Excitation Networks, ResNeXts, Inception Nets, and So forth.

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For action recognition, the work follows the pipeline of representation and networks combined, see Dynamic Image Networks, Semantic Image Networks, Temporal Segment Networks and So forth. For Image denoising, using CNNs, ResNets for non-uniform denoising check DnCNN, FFDNet and more. There are lots of other trends in terms of machine learning. But largely, due to data unavailability, there is a huge shift towards Transfer learning and Active Learning Domains. For unsupervised work check the papers on General Adverserial Networks. I have just given you a very few examples there is a sea of literature in every aspect which I mentioned. You can choose the domain and try to find the research papers with keywords I mentioned.

Application Areas

  • Container-Based Computing
  •  Nano-Server
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Application Virtualization


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