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The Research Group welcomes academics, professionals, scholars, researchers, students, institutes and other academic organizations to be part and members of the society. To bring all the academics, scholars, researchers, and students under the shadow of the Threws Society, we have created an avenue for professional membership in our Society. By becoming a member, one will receive a membership e-certificate, membership qualification, and greater advantage of a special waiver for publication fees in our journals. This type of membership gives us the feeling of belonging to the same family, sense of same community, producing network among same professionals as well as help in professional advancement.

The highest grade of Threws membership you can apply for, we award Fellowship to the high achievers – those respected professionals at the forefront of engineering, technology or cognate disciplines for at least five years or more

Being a student member of the Threws lets you take your career as far as you wish to, safe in the knowledge that you are backed by an unparalleled global support network that links you to the best minds in science, engineering and technology in India and around the world.

Our Board of Trustees elects this prestigious membership category to those who have gone above and beyond in the engineering profession, allowing them to use the designatory letters .

As a member of Threws India, you will join our community of over 13,000 engineers and technicians who are driving innovation across India.

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People from various organizations are part of threws.  Join our membership for making your career in your dream company and to get an international explorer.