Ashutosh: A Visionary Tech Leader Shaping the Future of Cloud Technology

Welcome to the profile of Ashutosh, a seasoned tech professional and leader with a remarkable 16-year global career in Application Engineering, Serverless, and AI. Throughout his journey, Ashutosh has left an indelible mark on the tech industry, contributing to prestigious multinational corporations and startups alike.

Professional Accomplishments:

Ashutosh’s expertise lies at the intersection of software development and leadership. He has actively shaped the industry by spearheading major technical projects of varying scales and complexities. Notably, he takes pride in empowering startups and mentoring teams, guiding them on the path to success.

Innovations in Cloud Technology:

A passionate advocate for cloud technology, Ashutosh has made significant contributions to the field. He is the mind behind the groundbreaking Serverless MVC framework and the Computation Flow Engine. These innovations showcase his dedication to driving advancements in cloud technology.

Authorship and Knowledge Sharing:

Ashutosh is not just a practitioner but also a thought leader in the tech space. His books, ‘Serverless MVC – Complete Guide’ and ‘Mastering Java Computation Flows,’ stand as invaluable resources for tech leaders, architects, and cloud enthusiasts. These publications reflect his commitment to sharing knowledge and guiding others in adopting serverless technologies.

Current Role at Clara Analytics:

Currently serving as the Senior Manager of Engineering at Clara Analytics, a leading insurance analytics company, Ashutosh continues to drive innovation in AI products and strategies. His vision revolves around making the world a better place by integrating data and AI as consumable products.

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, Ashutosh aspires to contribute further to the startup ecosystem and drive impactful innovation in the industry. His forward-thinking approach positions him as a key player in shaping the future of technology.

Explore Ashutosh’s insights, innovations, and journey in the tech landscape. Join him on the quest to create a better world through cutting-edge technology integration.

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