Dr. Pushan Kumar Dutta: Leading Innovator in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Meet Dr. Pushan Kumar Dutta, a distinguished Assistant Professor Grade III at Amity University Kolkata, specializing in Electronics and Communication Engineering. With a stellar academic background, extensive research expertise, and a passion for mentoring, Dr. Dutta is at the forefront of driving innovation in the field.

Academic Achievements:

Dr. Dutta holds a PhD from Jadavpur University and completed a postdoctorate with a scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus Association at the University of Oradea, Romania. His research interests span a wide spectrum, including data mining, AI, edge computing, predictive analytics, and Earthquake Precursor Study. As an accomplished editor and author, Dr. Dutta has contributed significantly to the academic community, editing multiple books for reputable publishers and publishing numerous book chapters and articles in esteemed journals.

Global Recognition:

Dr. Dutta’s expertise is recognized globally, evidenced by his keynote speeches at international events like the Data Science Europe summit. His contributions to academia include over 42 articles published in Scopus indexed journals and several IEEE Xplore articles and Springer Lecture Notes publications in 2023 alone.

Mentorship and Leadership:

Beyond academia, Dr. Dutta is actively involved in mentoring students and coordinating sports and innovation competitions at Amity University Kolkata. He teaches classes on IoT, robotics, and engineering and serves on various technical programming committees for prestigious conferences worldwide.

Awards and Recognition:

Dr. Dutta’s dedication to education has earned him accolades such as the ATAL NITI Aayog Mentor of Change recognition from NITI Aayog and the Best Presentation award worth $1000 during the Tech Connections session held by Johnson Controls. His commitment to innovative teaching and learning is evident through his copyrighted work titled ‘Innovative Digital Teaching and Learning for Professional Readiness’.


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