Fellow Member Threws Aishwarya Asesh, Senior Data Scientist at Adobe, USA

Meet Aishwarya Asesh, a highly skilled and experienced data scientist with over a decade of hands-on expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. With a focus on time series analysis and forecasting methods, Aishwarya has demonstrated her mastery in these areas.

Throughout her career, Aishwarya has been actively involved with more than 35 professional computer societies, showcasing her commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field. She actively engages with these societies to expand her knowledge and foster collaboration within the industry.

With an impressive track record, Aishwarya has published over 30 research works, including patents, research papers, book chapters, and invited talks at top international conferences. Her contributions have significantly enriched the knowledge base of machine learning and artificial intelligence. From proposing and defining research problems to conducting in-depth investigations, designing innovative solutions, and successfully implementing them at large scales, Aishwarya possesses substantial research and development experiences.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are Aishwarya’s areas of expertise, and her commercial patented innovations are widely adopted around the world. These groundbreaking inventions serve as a testament to Aishwarya’s ability to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world applications.

Beyond her professional achievements, Aishwarya is driven by a deep passion for making a positive difference. She aspires to leverage her skills and expertise to impact the lives of billions of people globally. By helping and positively influencing a billion lives, Aishwarya aims to achieve her goal of making a significant positive impact on the world while pursuing her aspiration to become a billionaire.

Aishwarya Asesh is a distinguished data scientist with over a decade of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, specializing in time series analysis and forecasting methods. With an extensive publication record, active involvement in professional computer societies, and commercial patented innovations, Aishwarya continues to shape the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Her dedication to making a difference and her vision to positively impact a billion lives worldwide set her apart as a remarkable individual in her field.

Senior Data Scientist at Adobe, USA


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