Sandeep Rangineni: Expert Data Test Engineer at Pluto TV

Sandeep Rangineni is a seasoned Sr. Data Test Engineer at Pluto TV, boasting over 12 years of experience in the IT industry, with a particular focus on the streaming media sector. With an impressive dual Master’s degree in Engineering Management and Information Technology, Sandeep brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

Professional Expertise and Technical Skills

Sandeep’s extensive experience is complemented by his proficiency in a range of technologies essential for modern data engineering and data quality assurance. His skill set includes:

  • PL/SQL: Leveraging advanced database programming for robust data management and manipulation.
  • Azure Databricks: Utilizing this powerful analytics service for big data processing and machine learning.
  • Salesforce: Expert in Salesforce administration and customization, ensuring optimal CRM performance.
  • Informatica: Skilled in data integration and ETL processes to streamline data workflows.
  • Snowflake: Proficient in using this cloud data platform for scalable and secure data storage and analysis.

Ongoing Research and Professional Development

Currently, Sandeep is deeply engaged in researching cutting-edge topics in Data Engineering and Data Quality. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments ensures he remains an invaluable asset in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Certifications and Professional Memberships

Sandeep’s dedication to his profession is reflected in his numerous certifications and memberships in esteemed technology organizations:

  • Salesforce Admin Certification: Validates his expertise in Salesforce administration.
  • AWS Data Analytics Certification: Demonstrates his proficiency in AWS data analytics services.
  • SAFe 5 Practitioner Certification: Highlights his knowledge of Agile methodologies for enterprise-level projects.
  • Senior Member of IEEE: Acknowledges his significant contributions to the field of electrical and electronic engineering.
  • Professional Member of BCS: Recognizes his commitment to advancing the IT profession.
  • Fellow of IETE: Honors his distinguished achievements in electronics and telecommunications engineering.

Industry Recognition and Leadership

Sandeep’s expertise and leadership have earned him roles as a judge for several prestigious technology award organizations, including:

  • Globee Awards
  • Stevie Awards
  • NCWIT Aspirations
  • Brandon Hall Group

His participation in these organizations underscores his authority and respect within the tech community.

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