Dr. Marta Zurek-Mortka

Threw Fellow Member Dr. Marta Zurek-Mortka

I am very pleased to share the exciting news that Dr. Marta Zurek-Mortka has been appointed as an Honorary Fellow Member! Dr. Zurek-Mortka has an impressive record of accomplishments in the field of electrical engineering, with a special focus on sustainable technologies and renewable energy sources. She has published over 30 articles in prestigious journals and databases, and has co-authored five patent applications. Dr. Zurek-Mortka’s expertise in electromobility, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence has made her a sought-after speaker and lecturer, and she has been invited to participate in numerous international conferences and events. As a member of the Polish Association of Electrical Engineers and an expert team member of the European Commission and National Centre for Research and Development in Poland, Dr. Zurek-Mortka has been actively involved in shaping the future of sustainable technology and development. Her work on modular hydrogen production and storage systems, waste heat conversion, and renewable energy-based electromobility scenarios is truly groundbreaking and promises to have a significant impact on our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Dr. Zurek-Mortka’s teaching qualifications and experience as a supervisor of student internships from Poland and India make her a highly valued mentor and educator in the field of electrical engineering. We are honored to have Dr. Zurek-Mortka as an Honorary Fellow Member, and we look forward to her continued contributions to the field of sustainable technology and development. Congratulations, Dr. Zurek-Mortka, on this well-deserved recognition of your achievements!

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