Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj – Threws Fellow in Technology Leadership and Innovation

Welcome to the prestigious Threws Fellowship, where excellence meets recognition. We are thrilled to introduce Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj, our esteemed Fellow Member, renowned for his outstanding contributions in the dynamic realm of technology.

Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj’s Journey:

Arvind boasts an impressive career spanning over  years, marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation, transformative leadership, and excellence. His strategic insights and technical prowess have left an indelible mark on the organizations he has been a part of.


Arvind’s expertise extends across various domains, with a particular focus on  DevOps, Testing, Business Transformation. His visionary leadership has spearheaded initiatives that have reshaped traditional landscapes and positioned organizations for sustained growth.

Awards and Recognitions:

As a testament to his commitment to excellence, Arvind has been recognized as a Senior Member of IEEE. His contributions to the field are further underscored by his authorship of “Performance Engineering Playbook: from Protocol to SRE” and co-authorship of  “The MIS Handbook: Strategies and Techniques”.

Active Engagement in Industry and Academia: Arvind actively participates in both industry and academia, serving on the Advisory Committee of the 9th International Conference ERCICA 2024. His role as a member of the IEEE OES Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee showcases his commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the field.

Contributions to Technological Advancements: Arvind’s research work, featured in renowned journals and platforms such as Techwell, DZone, Focus Outlook, and StickyMinds, reflects his dedication to disseminating knowledge and fostering innovation. As an approved technical reviewer for journals like IJACSA and IJAIMH, Arvind stays at the forefront of emerging trends and challenges in technology.

Industry Recognition: Beyond his organizational role, Arvind serves as an industry expert and judge for prestigious Technology and Business awards, including the Globee Awards and Stevie Awards. This highlights his ability to identify and nurture excellence within the technology sector.

Threws Fellowship – A Platform for Growth: Arvind is excited about the prospect of being a Threws Fellow, a platform that aligns with his aspirations for continuous learning, mentorship, and community engagement. Join us in congratulating Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj on achieving Threws Fellowship and exploring new frontiers in technology leadership and innovation.


Unlock the potential of technology with Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj at Threws Fellowship. Thank you for visiting, and stay tuned for more updates from our distinguished members.

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