Congratulations To Rudrendu Kumar Paul On Becoming A Fellow Member Of Threws!

 We are immensely proud to announce that Rudrendu Kumar Paul has been accepted as a Fellow Member of Threws. Selected from a pool of international members, Rudrendu’s invitation to this exclusive, invitation-only membership recognizes his outstanding contributions to the field of artificial intelligence applications across multiple industries. Demonstrating significant achievement in his field, Rudrendu has authored numerous scholarly articles in professional and major trade publications, served in critical roles at distinguished organizations worldwide, and made impactful, original contributions of major significance in the fields of artificial intelligence applications and other niche technology for at least five years.


The credentials provided below and the submitted evidence substantiate Rudrendu Kumar Paul’s experience, critical role, authorship, original contributions, and international recognition at the highest levels, satisfying the fellowship requirements at Threws. His accomplishments are outlined below:


Judging at top scholarly journals, startup competitions, and international awards competitions: 70+ scholarly articles reviewed | 20+ Journals worldwide | 3+ Global Startup competitions | 5+ Awards –

  • Nominated by invitation only as a reviewer for over 20 prestigious scholarly academic journals worldwide, including IEEE, Elsevier, and Springer, focusing on AI and ML.
  • Reviewed over 70 scholarly articles on AI and ML applications, providing valuable feedback to shape global academic research in AI.
  • Invited as an expert judge and speaker at more than 3 global startup competitions and provided mentorship fostering innovation.


Authorship and Original contributions of major significance to the field: 20+ Scholarly articles | 15+ Trade Publications in top AI journals worldwide | 2 books –

  • Made original contributions to the field by publishing over 20 peer-reviewed scholarly articles on AI and ML in top conferences and high-impact academic journals, including IEEE.
  • Published 15+ articles in the world’s leading trade publications in AI across Europe and the US.
  • Authored 2 books on the applications of AI in critical industries, including Advanced Manufacturing and renewable power generation.


Critical Role and Impact at Distinguished Organizations Worldwide: Streamlined global operations transactions | Achieved cost savings from global operations –
  • Played a critical role in creating numerous AI and machine learning solutions deployed by top Fortune 500 and global companies across multiple industries.
  • Developed an AI forecasting process adopted globally by a Fortune 50 company to manage their financial transaction operations to ensure smooth financial payment for small businesses across the world.
  • Created an innovative supply chain demand forecasting process using machine learning, crucial for managing customer deliveries and last-mile logistics routing across the US and Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic with significant annual savings.
Internationally recognized awards, membership for excellence: 2 External Awards –
  • Nominated for two prestigious international awards for excellence in Artificial Intelligence applications for contributions to business operations impacting three countries.
  • Granted IEEE Senior Membership.
  • Serving on over five editorial boards for AI and machine learning applications at top scholarly journal publications.


Invitation as a speaker at 5+ major AI and data science conferences and mentoring at top US Universities –

  • Served as a keynote speaker at in-person conferences with over 2,500 attendees and at international webinars to share insights.
  • Invited for multiple years back-to-back as part of an industry panel of experts and mentored over 200 professionals and graduate students at top US universities, offering insights into career paths and the latest technology trends.


Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved honor, and we look forward to seeing your continued success and contributions to the scientific and technology communities.



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