Empowered Technology Leader: Naga Ramesh Palakurti – BRMS Architect & AI/ML Expert

As an accomplished and seasoned professional with over 23 years of experience in Project Solution Architecture, Risk Management, and BRMS applications, Naga Ramesh Palakurti brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His proficiency lies in leading teams, analyzing, designing, and managing the release of enterprise and e-commerce applications using cutting-edge technologies.

Naga Ramesh Palakurti’s technical acumen encompasses a wide array of technologies, including IBM ODM, ILog JRules BRMS/WODM, TensorFlow (AI/ML), WAS Admin, IBM BPM, Java, J2EE, WPS, WL12c, Spring/Spring Boot, XML, Web services, REST API, Postman, Soap UI, Trillium, MQ, IIB, Web Services, Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban), Kubernetes, Docker Containers, MS Project Management, JIRA, GitHub, BitBucket, Maven, Jenkins, and ITSM, among others.

His extensive experience spans multiple industry domains, including Finance, Banking, Retail Market, Insurance, and Risk Management/Stage Eligibility. Naga Ramesh Palakurti has successfully led and executed numerous ODM and SOA/BPM projects, demonstrating a keen ability to take ownership and deliver solutions that add significant business value.

Currently employed at a leading financial institution (BOFA), Naga Ramesh Palakurti serves as a BRMS Platform Design/Architect, contributing to knowledge transfer, guidance, integrated AI/ML platforms, upgrades, development, maintenance, migration, implementation, monitoring, administration, and IBM infrastructure on the cloud. His focus includes building the entire ODM platform, setting up Docker containers in the Kubernetes platform, strategic planning for migration, WAS Admin support, and providing solutions for the ODM Docker setup.

With a strong background in IT SDLC and BRMS implementations, Naga Ramesh Palakurti offers technology leadership and functional expertise. His specialization in implementing complex BRMS solutions for large-scale applications, administration, and development is evident. He is well-versed in Agile processes, including Kanban and Scrum.

In addition to his prowess in modernization technologies like Spring, Spring Boot, Rest API, and TensorFlow, Naga Ramesh Palakurti has a proven track record in developing enterprise and conceptual object models, rule execution algorithms, and rule design patterns. His experience extends to configuring applications with MQ and WBI, leading application deployments on various platforms, and working with technologies such as WebLogic, WebSphere, and Trillium on UNIX/LINUX environments.

For organizations seeking a seasoned professional with a comprehensive skill set and a track record of successful project leadership, Naga Ramesh Palakurti is an invaluable asset. His commitment to problem-solving, customer satisfaction, vendor relationship management, and operational improvements underscores his dedication to delivering impactful solutions.

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