Mastering Transformation: A Journey in Financial Services Leadership with Sreedhar

As a seasoned and results-driven enterprise leader with over 20 years of experience in technology engineering and management, Sreedhar has played a pivotal role in driving transformation for enterprises in the Financial Services sector. His extensive background includes key positions at Franklin Templeton, Intel Corporation, and the California Franchise Tax Board, where he excelled in Distribution, Investment Operations, and Enterprise Data & Analytics.

Expertise in Financial Technologies and Innovations:

Sreedhar’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of financial technologies and innovations, with a major focus on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based platforms. He has successfully led initiatives in cultivating digital user experiences, enhancing trading platforms, implementing tokenization, developing fraud prevention models, and implementing personalized strategies through design thinking.

Leadership in Large-Scale Programs and Product Development:

Sreedhar has had the privilege of leading large-scale programs and product development initiatives, including engineering enterprise products and platforms, managing enterprise infrastructure, and migrating enterprise applications to the cloud. His notable achievements include leading multi-year and large-scale programs for replatforming Franklin’s investment operations landscape, driving client and product data mastering development efforts, and overseeing data integration teams.

Innovation and Transformation in Investment Operations:

Sreedhar spearheaded multi-million dollar projects to re-platform Franklin Templeton’s investment operations systems. This included the development of a new corporate actions master, a modern data platform for real-time client information, and a fund accounting outsourcing strategy to multiple providers.

Key Contributions to Data Access and Management:

As a technology leader, Sreedhar played a crucial role in establishing and leading initiatives for real-time operational data stores supporting global asset management business. He was instrumental in creating microservices-based data access layers for product data, implementing data quality pipelines and processes, and shaping an operating model that fosters collaboration between business and technology teams to meet the company’s data needs.

Team Leadership and Coaching:

Recognized for his strong team-building and coaching skills, Sreedhar inspires confidence, leads by example, and manages high-performance teams committed to delivering quality results.

Explore the transformative journey led by Sreedhar in the Financial Services sector, where innovation, technology, and leadership converge for unparalleled success.

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