Welcome to Threws: Revolutionizing Ideas with Harsh Yadav, IoT Expert

Discover a world of innovation and expertise with Harsh Yadav, a distinguished IoT professional and our esteemed fellow member at Threws. Harsh brings a wealth of experience as a veteran Software Developer, specializing in crafting highly scalable and reliable IoT software architectures.

About Harsh Yadav:

Harsh has a proven track record, having worked at renowned companies like Aware Buildings, Audible (by Amazon), and BuildingLink. His journey spans over 5 years, during which he has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge software technology for IoT solutions. Currently, at Aware Buildings, Harsh is leading the migration of the entire IoT sensor software architecture to a private cloud, showcasing his prowess in handling massive amounts of sensor data.

Key Achievements:

  • Water Leak Detection Solution: Harsh is at the forefront of developing a groundbreaking IoT solution for water leak detection. By deploying wireless sensors in various locations within buildings, this solution detects leaks within milliseconds, saving millions of dollars in potential damages. The sophisticated software and hardware technology employed ensure swift processing and timely communication with customers.
  • Team Management: Harsh’s leadership extends to managing offshore teams, overseeing the development of mobile applications used by over 100k users. His ability to deliver insights into IoT solutions deployed worldwide demonstrates his commitment to scalable, highly available architectures.

Research and Publications:

Harsh’s contribution to the field of IoT extends beyond development. He has published several research papers and press articles, offering insights into IoT architectures, data handling, and valuable insights derived from data. His expertise also covers LoRaWAN wireless technology, enriching the community’s knowledge base.

Joining Threws:

Harsh’s vision aligns perfectly with Threws’ mission of fostering innovation and knowledge sharing. By becoming a fellow member, he aims to contribute to building better ideas and sharing expertise across all domains.

Connect with Harsh Yadav:

Feel free to reach out to Harsh with any questions or collaborations. His dedication to advancing IoT solutions and sharing knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to the Threws community.

Congratulations Harsh Yadav on becoming a Fellow Member of Threws!

Embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration with Harsh Yadav at Threws. Join us in revolutionizing ideas and building a community driven by expertise and passion. Welcome to a platform where knowledge knows no bounds, and possibilities are endless!

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