Welcome to Priyanka Koushik’s Profile: A Trailblazer in Product Engineering and Technology

Priyanka Koushik stands out as a dynamic and visionary leader in the realm of product engineering and technology, boasting over 16 years of experience across prestigious organizations. Currently serving as the Vice President of Product Engineering at Blue Yonder since July 2023, Priyanka has an impressive track record of driving innovation and crafting impactful technological solutions.

Professional Journey:

Priyanka embarked on her journey after graduating with a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in 2007. She quickly made her mark in the tech world, with stints at renowned companies such as Cognizant, IBM, and Yantriks, which was later acquired by Blue Yonder.

Key Achievements:

Throughout her career, Priyanka has spearheaded the development of advanced systems like Next-Generation Order Management, Real-Time Inventory Management, and Warehouse Optimization. Her expertise in integrating AI and Machine Learning into these systems has significantly improved efficiencies, customer experiences, and operational capabilities, leading to millions in revenue growth.

Strategic Leadership:

Priyanka’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the technological and competitive landscapes of her organizations. Her strategic initiatives, including the development of pioneering solutions that contributed to Blue Yonder’s acquisition of Yantriks, demonstrate her strategic foresight and execution. Additionally, Priyanka played a critical role in the pre-acquisition discussions with Doddle and subsequent integration efforts, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing synergies between the companies.

Innovative Contributions:

As a recognized leader, Priyanka manages over 100 professionals globally and oversees significant budgets, ensuring alignment with strategic goals. Her innovative work has led to filing eight patents in retail and supply chain management, highlighting her role as a forward-thinker in the industry.

Academic and Professional Affiliations:

Priyanka is a pending Senior Member of the IEEE, Fellow of IETE, and holds memberships in various prestigious engineering and technology associations. Her contributions to academia include peer reviews for several SCI/Scopus indexed journals and involvement in numerous technology conferences and judging panels.

Driving Growth and Innovation:

Continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and management, Priyanka Koushik is a true asset to the technological landscape, driving growth and innovation at every step of her professional journey.

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