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Why Should Students Do Research?

Why Should Students Do Research?

There are several reasons why students should do research:

  1. Gaining a deeper understanding of a subject: Research allows students to delve deeper into a topic of interest, leading to a greater understanding and appreciation of the subject.
  2. Developing critical thinking skills: Research requires students to analyze and evaluate information, which helps to develop critical thinking skills.
  3. Preparing for future careers: Many careers, especially in the sciences and academia, require research experience. Participating in research while still in school can help prepare students for these careers.
  4. Making a contribution to knowledge: By participating in research, students have the opportunity to make a contribution to the body of knowledge in their field.
  5. Developing practical skills: Research often involves the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, helping students to develop practical skills that will be useful in any career.
  6. Enhancing their CV: Research experience is highly valued by employers and graduate programs, and it can give students a competitive edge when applying for jobs or graduate school.

Undergraduate research and scholarship is a unique opportunity for students to work with faculty on their scholarship and produce a presentation, paper, or creative work that contributes to the knowledge or activity of a particular academic discipline.

Some students will work on part of a faculty member’s current research project. Other students may develop an independent project of their own that is guided by a faculty member. Either way, students have opportunities in a variety of disciplines from art history to zoology to engage in original hands-on research and scholarship.

Why Should Students Do Research


The literature demonstrates that students who participate in undergraduate research benefit in the following ways:

Greater problem solving skills

Better understanding of research methods

Deeper understanding of the discipline

Greater confidence and independence

Better understanding of career and education path

In addition, the literature also indicates that students who participate in research and scholarship:

Why Should Students Do Research

Are more satisfied with their college experience

Are retained and persist at a higher rate, both at university and within their major

Are more likely to be accepted to graduate and professional school and graduate.

Are more competitive when searching for jobs

There is every ounce of possibility that the show is just too much for you to take in. You realize it is not worth it. In fact, you realize that quitting the show is very much worth it. You are so fed up that you do not even discuss this option of quitting with anyone. You just decide to quit. One day, you start typing that dreadful email. You are almost about to send it. Just as you are about to press the ‘send’ button, you receive a very encouraging email from your chief chef or from the head of the department or from a company to which you had applied for. Do you still quit or do you decide to just bite your teeth for the next following months in order to get your Ph.D.? Each one has a different answer. I personally know people who have chosen either way. Mostly, people don’t quit. Because they realized deep down that the show was/is actually worth it.

The life of a Ph.D. student is not that hard intellectually. It is more of an emotional and psychologically taxing journey. You just go on and on and on about a single thing for a very long time, while the rest of your friends/family have moved on. Patience, resilience, and pragmatism are more important in a Ph.D. than intelligence and creativity.


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